Chariot Festival Begins in Kathmandu

Seto Machhindranath is revered as the ‘Lord of Compassion’

The chariot procession of the Seto (white) Machhindranath deity started on Thursday, April 6 amid tension in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. The day marked the start of a four day general strike called by the seven political party alliance.


Nepal Government Bans Peaceful Public Gatherings

Ban will be effective within Kathmandu valley

The government of Nepal will ban peaceful public gatherings and assemblies within Kathmandu valley beginning April 5 until further notice. But on April 4, I witnessed a number of incidents in which people were barred from exercising their right to protest peacefully.  [...]

Iraq War Reaches All the Way to Nepal

One reporter recalls the U.S.-led invasion three years ago

March 20, 2003: The U.S. starts its military strike in Iraq. At that time I was a sub-editor of the Nepali language daily Space Time and my job was to write news and give instructions about the layout to a graphic designer. I was desperately looking for [...]

Kathmandu Enjoys ‘Concert on Wheels’

While observers see lack of mass on opposition parties democracy movement, ‘popocracy’ can still draws enough mass, especially youths.


Climbers Set to Clean Up Mount Everest

South Korean climber will lead international team

It’s time to clean up world’s highest mountain. Mount Everest is going to get a spring cleaning. 


1,000 Chickens Die in Nepal, No Bird Flu Found

Investigators now suspect Newcastle virus


Government scientists have confirmed that the death of more than 1,000 chickens at a farm of Nuwakot was not due to bird flu. [...]

Nepal Recruits Female Officers to Army

For the first time in its history, Nepal’s army on Monday, Feb. 20 commissioned 67 female officers.

The 67 new second lieutenants were able to “pass out” and receive felicitations from the Royal Nepalese Army Academy at Kharipati, Bhaktapur, according to the RNA public relations director.

Traditionally, females were recruited for non-combat services, such as [...]

RSF Urges Release of Journalists

Nepal has arrested more journalists than any other country worldwide

As scores of political activists and journalists have just been released across the kingdom, Reporters Without Borders has urged the Nepalese government to free seven journalists who are still being held. [...]

Nepal Maoist Leader Talks to BBC

Prachanda claims King Gyanendra’s future is exile or trial

For nearly 10 years, he was a mysterious person. Some even doubted his existence, but from this week, Prachanda, Nepal’s elusive guerilla leader, surprised everyone by giving an interview, photographs and even a TV appearance on the BBC. [...]

Love in the Air for Nepali Youths

Valentine’s Day celebration gains adherents among urban dwellers

Happy Valentine's Day sign on door of a restaurant ©2006 Umesh

Nepal is enduring its most difficult period because the ongoing conflict is at its height, but that does not stop the people, especially the young, from celebrating Valentine’s Day, dubbed as “Lover’s Day.” [...]