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RSF Urges Release of Journalists

Nepal has arrested more journalists than any other country worldwide

As scores of political activists and journalists have just been released across the kingdom, Reporters Without Borders has urged the Nepalese government to free seven journalists who are still being held.

Nepal Maoist Leader Talks to BBC

Prachanda claims King Gyanendra’s future is exile or trial

For nearly 10 years, he was a mysterious person. Some even doubted his existence, but from this week, Prachanda, Nepal’s elusive guerilla leader, surprised everyone by giving an interview, photographs and even a TV appearance on the BBC.

Love in the Air for Nepali Youths

Valentine’s Day celebration gains adherents among urban dwellers

Happy Valentine's Day sign on door of a restaurant ©2006 Umesh

Nepal is enduring its most difficult period because the ongoing conflict is at its height, but that does not stop the people, especially the young, from celebrating Valentine’s Day, dubbed as “Lover’s Day.”

Protests Rage After Killing of Nepal Activist

Leaders declare him the first martyr of the democratic movement

Protesters rally against the activist's killing in Kathmandu, Thursday. ©2006 Umesh

There were nationwide protests Thursday against the killing of Umesh Chandra Thapa, a local leader of the Communist Party of Nepal-CPN (UML). He was shot dead Feb. 8 by the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) in the eastern city of Dang, while protesting against municipal elections. 

International Media Groups Condemn Nepal Repression

In the past year, there have been 273 arrests, 569 cases of press censorship

On the eve of first anniversary of the king’s seizure of power on Feb, 1, 2005, the International Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression Mission to Nepal, which includes members of 13 organizations, condemned a year of repression of Nepal’s media. 

Artistic Front of Nepal’s Democratic Movement

[Photo Essay]Powerful images of the struggle for democracy are displayed in Nepal

Nepal’s Democratic Artist Forum staged an exhibition of their arts on January 30 at Yala Maya Kendra, Lalitpur. Paintings, cartoons and short films by the artists-turned-activists were on display among others. Following are snapshots of their artworks in the exhibition.

©2006 Umesh

Nepal’s Elections Lacking Legitimacy

22 municipalities uncontested in upcoming elections

Nepal’s municipal election slated for Feb. 8, one of the most controversial in its history, will see nearly half the posts remain vacant despite officials reiterating that the poll will be held on time. 

Nepalese Set to Mark ‘Black Day’

Feb. 1 marks one year since monarch staged coup to take power

Rally for Democracy on Sept. 16, 2005 at New York.

Nepalese around the world are planning protest rallies to mark what they called a “black day” on Feb. 1. Last year, on the same day, Nepalese King Gyanendra assumed direct rule, suspending the elected prime minister and his cabinet. All means of communication, including the Internet, telephone, cell phones, and wireless were cut, leaders and activists jailed, and many civil liberties were suspended.

Wanted: Candidates for Municipal Elections

Nepal opposition boycott leads to difficulty filling posts

[Update: Jan. 27, 3:30 p.m. (KST)]

According to election commission data, of the total 4,146 posts, 3,255 candidates filed nominations across the country.

The husband and wife candidates in Banepa municipality running for mayor and deputy mayor respectively — Ganesh Lal Shrestha and Lila Devi Shrestha — won the election by default, since they were uncontested.  

In Nepal, Oxen and Dogs Can Run For Mayor

Authorities try to identify ‘real’ candidates as protesters spoof domestic political process

In Nepal an ox and a dog have been put forth as candidates for mayor.

With cheap make-up and a banner reading “Vote for Me” on their backs, oxen and dogs are protest candidates in Nepal’s upcoming municipal elections.