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Interview with Rajpal J.P. Singh, First Editor of Nepal’s Online Media

By Umesh Shrestha

In this age of social media, we can not even imagine life without internet. Online news portals are mushrooming. News is everywhere on net. Internet is like basic necessity for us nowadays. But those were the days of Rajpal era that internet is such a precious and costly thing. I think most of people unaware of this fact that even before the white house email was created ([email protected] was created in 1993), and even before launch of world’s first browser,  we had our own online magazine called The Nepal Digest (TND). With “hours and hours of editing” a part-time Lecturer and full-time computer scientist engineer at Northern Illinois University Rajpal published TND’s first issue in April 1992. I took this interview as part of my M.A. thesis on the topic of Nepal’s online media and its interactivity. Well, he was very busy person. It took more than 6 month to complete this interview. But I am happy that finally I was able to document the history with this interview. Following is unedited version of interview. 

Good Bye, Narayan !

While his contemporaries are known to either grill interviewees or bore the audience by talking endlessly, BBC Media Action’s Sajha Sawal host Narayan Shrestha made a name for himself as the smiling, polite interviewer who got the most out of his guests. Having travelled to 65 districts in the country, he reached out to Nepalis who have been regularly neglected by mainstream media and made sure their stories were heard in Kathmandu. 

IHT- Product from USA, Paper from Korea, ..and Printing from Nepal

July 20, 2011 made history in Nepali journalism by printing an international newspaper for the first time in Nepal. In 1851, then Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana brought a letter press called Gidde Press. 160 years later, I saw different dimension when I witnessed printing of International Herald Tribune in Nepal Republic Media’s press at Imadol, Kathmandu. The paper was imported from South Korea, printing press was imported from India, not only this, the product (IHT) was also imported from USA. Here are photo feature of how an international paper is being published in Nepal.