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Here are Powerful Images of ‘Messi of the Himalayas’ in limelight as soccer craze grips remote Nepal

During his Nepal visit two years ago, FIFA President Sepp Blatter had said, “Nepal plays good, but there is lack of Messi.” Blatter made the comment after watching the inaugural match of AFC Cup in a beautifully decorated Dasharath Stadium in the capital city. Blatter might have missed Messi, but Nepal’s poorest district Mugu hasn’t. But why did the district, which does not have even a single stadium, regard a local woman footballer as Messi? At one side is the most expensive footballer in the world – Lionel Messi, and the other is Mugu which lies at the bottom of Nepali districts in terms of human development index. So why did the entire district showed huge respect on the young footballer and heap praises on her? Why did they chant slogans like ‘Sunakali is like Messi’? How did football instill confidence on people of Mugu that they also can more forward? At a time when World Cup 2014 being staged in Brazil has gripped the country and Nepalis cheering for their best teams donning their respective jerseys, these photos might clarify the relation between the Messi of the remote Mugu and the district’s relationship with football.

Has the World Cup fever gripped you? See these pictures of football in Nepal’s impoverished moutainous region

FIFA World Cup 2014 has begun in Brazil. The biggest sporting event in the world has united people across the globe. Fans of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany and England, among others, are hoisting the flags of their respective countries in every nook and cranny of the country. Youths are wearing jerseys of their favorite teams. People have started discussing the event even during teatime. The World Cup fever has gripped the people because of the popularity of football as a sport. This sport gives equal excitement in any countries in the world and any geographical situation. If you don’t believe, just see the following pictures. There is neither goalpost, nor net. Also the ground is not geographically suitable for football. If one strucks the ball hard, the ball rolls down the cliff. Despite this, football match is hosted in this ground in Humla and the match attracts many enthusiastic fans. There might not be Mexican waves seen in big stadia, but fans here are getting equal enjoyment.

Erotic Carvings of a Kathmandu Temple

These are the pictures of erotic wood carvings of a temple located at Kathmandu durbar square, a world heritage site. Erotic carvings in temples are normal in Kathmandu valley.