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Churning Binod Chaudhary

By Narayan Manandhar

Having worked inside FNCCI for almost seven years (1997-2003), I thought I had had an enough flavour of Nepal’s private sector business. After reading recently published autobiography of Mr. Binod Chaudhary, the man behind Wai-Wai noodles, I feel like I need to revisit or, at least, rethink over my knowledge and understanding of Nepal’s private sector businessmen and their modus operandi. The biography, neatly divided into four parts, speaks more of rise and expansion of Chaudhary family business and little of failures and setbacks. The book is worth reading particularly for the students in business management, economics and public administration as Mr. Chaudhary stands, to date, lone and alone a Nepali tycoon, who, at least, dare to reveal his wealth and success story to the public – from a mere small time cloth trader to the handling of multinational conglomerate enterprises.

Save Tourism

By Shyam Das Shrestha
One of the world’s heritage site and the one which has got threatened
many times to be deleted from the list of UNESCO for mismanagement and
breaking the rules of heritage and conservation sight for violating
the norms and values of UNESCO.Yes! definitely this is about the
Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square.

We are losing our identity and we have only ourselves to blame

By Pratik Pradhan
I grew up watching Hindi movies; idolising Indian actors such as Mithun Chakrawarti,Govinda, Sanjay Dutt and Aameer Khan . I grew up listening and singing Hindi songs by Kishor Kumar, Lata Mangesher etc. Radio Nepal used to play hindi songs regularly and later Nepal television began entertaining Nepalese people by playing three hours long hindi movies on prime-time Saturday. Indian culture and language were deeply inbreeded into daily lives; which is still continuing. Then, I did not feel anything wrong while using words such as Rakhi over Janai Purnima or Deewali over Tihar or Bhaipuja. I also did not feel anything wrong saying Holi instead of Fagu Purnima. I even put on gents Kurta-Suruwal at times because I looked cool according to my friends. We sang Hindi songs in every party and get together; and sometime watched Hindi movies all night long.