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We are losing our identity and we have only ourselves to blame

By Pratik Pradhan
I grew up watching Hindi movies; idolising Indian actors such as Mithun Chakrawarti,Govinda, Sanjay Dutt and Aameer Khan . I grew up listening and singing Hindi songs by Kishor Kumar, Lata Mangesher etc. Radio Nepal used to play hindi songs regularly and later Nepal television began entertaining Nepalese people by playing three hours long hindi movies on prime-time Saturday. Indian culture and language were deeply inbreeded into daily lives; which is still continuing. Then, I did not feel anything wrong while using words such as Rakhi over Janai Purnima or Deewali over Tihar or Bhaipuja. I also did not feel anything wrong saying Holi instead of Fagu Purnima. I even put on gents Kurta-Suruwal at times because I looked cool according to my friends. We sang Hindi songs in every party and get together; and sometime watched Hindi movies all night long.

IHT- Product from USA, Paper from Korea, ..and Printing from Nepal

July 20, 2011 made history in Nepali journalism by printing an international newspaper for the first time in Nepal. In 1851, then Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana brought a letter press called Gidde Press. 160 years later, I saw different dimension when I witnessed printing of International Herald Tribune in Nepal Republic Media’s press at Imadol, Kathmandu. The paper was imported from South Korea, printing press was imported from India, not only this, the product (IHT) was also imported from USA. Here are photo feature of how an international paper is being published in Nepal.