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Inefficiency of Standard Chartered Bank Limited Nepal

By Bijaya Malla

I am writing this Blog to show an evidence of inefficiency of Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Nepal. I believe Mysansar is a proper site to highlight this issue.

I am living in Switzerland since 5 years and very much impressed by the quality and standard of Swiss Banking systems. The quality of Banking services in Switzerland is one of the best in the world.

“Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” !

-By Krishne-
भोको पेट लिएर आदर्सका कुरा गर्दै नेपालमै बस्नु ठीक त पक्कै पनि होइन होला! मलाई लाग्छ नेपालमै बस्नु पर्छ भन्दै साहित्य र आदर्स छाट्नेहरुले पनि हरेक वर्ष DV भर्न चै छोडेका छैनन्

“Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” !

These two words messed my head when I read your comment on MySansar. So I decided to write a brief review here.

Well, according to Abraham Maslow humans want to satisfy their first (basic) need; Physical Need. They wish to have their other needs (specially SECURITY NEED) if only their Physical Needs are fulfilled. Physical needs can be food, air, water, (some include sex too) etc. “Bhoko Pet” directly refers to the lack of Physical Need…means people go to foreign country just for food. No, absolutely not !