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Opera brings no-cost, sponsored data packages to the mobile internet with Sponsored Web Pass

Opera Software is announcing Sponsored Web Pass, a breakthrough in bringing easy-to-understand, zero-risk mobile internet packages to consumers around the world. Sponsored Web Pass enables operators to easily team up with advertisers to sponsor the cost of customers’ mobile internet access, providing users with free mobile data. 

A Nepali introduction

-By Nishcal-
On one of the many chilly evenings spent at watering holes in Europe, I had an interesting encounter with a foreigner. I was enjoying my drink when a gentleman asked if he could join me at my table. “Yes please,” I said. He looked 30 to me.
For minutes, we didn’t exchange a word. The silence was finally broken when he asked me where I was from. After living abroad for a long time, I have started enjoying sharing stories of my country and people to foreigners. So I began by saying I was from Nepal.

Developed Country and My Nepal

-By Diwas Adhikari-

Just few months ago I used to think how the developed countries looks like. Why it is called developed and why ours is a developing one. I always thought good transportation facility; better roads, no starvation and basically no energy crisis are the major reasons to be called as a developed country.