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Why ‘Made in Nepal’?

-By Sundip Gurung-

An elderly kills himself tired of his chronic illness, a mother commits suicide after killing her two babies due to famine, and a family waits for their son’s coffin from Arab—what is common here? “Death” you may see, but it is the existing situation of our country that has brought incessant tragedies as these among several.

In a short duration of time, the country has been through a precarious political turmoil affecting various strata of functioning bodies, and with the extension of political transition, the future of the country seems ambivalent and unhinged. Unquestionably a country’s progress depends profoundly on a delicate relationship between political situation and economy. Experts believe, to depend heavily on foreign- remittance and custom-tax is no wise approach to build a nation strong, paradoxically, our economy is chiefly based on these two, and aids allocated by international organizations.