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By Umesh Shrestha ‘@Salokya’

We had just finished the Saturday show of `Resham Filili’. I was heading on a scooter towards the Pahilopost Office from the Jaya Nepal theatre. My wife was with me. Just before we reached the office, however, we were rocked by the earthquake. At first, I was calm. Surely, it wouldn’t last long. I didn’t even turn off the scooter’s engine; nor did I put it on a stand. I was supporting it on my legs as my wife looked on. Five seconds passed, and then more; the shaking continued….

The Yak and Yeti hotel, outside of the office, is banked by a number of shops, mostly targeted towards the tourists. One of the shopkeepers urged me to get off the scooter and come close to him. My wife finally shut off the engine as the shaking continued. We left the scooter and walked towards the shop. We sat down, as we could not even stand straight. The expertly decorated dummies on the shop started falling off. The tremors continued still…

Ground report: Question that haunts us after watching heartbreaking situation in Bhaktapur- do we have a government?

Field Report by Umesh Shrestha and Rishikesh Dahal

Ram and Maiya Baasi are searching clothes for their daughter. Their 16-year old daughter is in a hospital. They are trying to find some clothes in the debris of the fallen house near Dattatreya Temple in Bhaktapur, an ancient city east of Kathmandu. The district hospital has referred their daughter to another hospital, but the couple don’t have money for that. ‘Our house is damaged, daughter is injured, please help us’- Maiya pleaded to us when we went there for reporting.