By Umesh Shrestha ‘@Salokya’

We had just finished the Saturday show of `Resham Filili’. I was heading on a scooter towards the Pahilopost Office from the Jaya Nepal theatre. My wife was with me. Just before we reached the office, however, we were rocked by the earthquake. At first, I was calm. Surely, it wouldn’t [...]

Ground report: Question that haunts us after watching heartbreaking situation in Bhaktapur- do we have a government?

Field Report by Umesh Shrestha and Rishikesh Dahal Ram and Maiya Baasi are searching clothes for their daughter. Their 16-year old daughter is in a hospital. They are trying to find some clothes in the debris of the fallen house near Dattatreya Temple in Bhaktapur, an ancient city east of Kathmandu. The district hospital has [...]