Save Tourism

By Shyam Das Shrestha
One of the world’s heritage site and the one which has got threatened
many times to be deleted from the list of UNESCO for mismanagement and
breaking the rules of heritage and conservation sight for violating
the norms and values of UNESCO.Yes! definitely this is about the
Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square.

The metropolitan city along with the durbar square conservation area
has been ticketing the tourists for viewing and roaming the palace and
the temples. This is correct if we see positively that, the amount so
raised, will be used to clean and make the place neat and tidy and
also be helpful in renovation process. But, few years back and
actually months back, the theme of collecting the ticket, cash, has
been changed.The concern is that the ticket price is rising to the
level that tourists are mentally tortured. Previously it was rs. 300,
then rs. 500 and now it is rs. 500 for the entry for durbar square and
additional rs. 250 for museum (1st jan 2012). Truly speaking, 90% of
the tourist only want to have a glimpse of the durbar square and not
the museum due to time constraint, but they are forcefully proposed
for Nrs. 750 (500+250), which is what they do not want to visit. It is
good that we promote our museum too but not by push sales.
Now, the conclusion is that from 1st march 2013 we have again next price
increment and that is NRS. 1000. This 1000 is not just to have a
glimpse of the durbar square site but to visit the durbar square, the
museum (which 90% tourism do not want to visit) and finally Dharahara
(a huge standing legendary building at sundhara, kathmandu). What on
earth made all these tourist to pay this lump sum even if they don’t
wanna go, and if the tourists are harassed by this price hike on
ticket will they come back? or will they ask others to visit the land
of temples? We are simply cheating on them and then as the result what
about the shops, hotels and restaurants that have their daily revenue
through tourist’s visit. wont they be affected?

Millions of population, directly and indirectly will be affected and will lose
revenue and visitors. How much revenue will a small country like ours
will lose? Does the metropolitan has any idea about it? what about the
losses that the business will bear? and what about all the tourism
attraction and promotion campaign that our government runs, if we
start cheating them?its like someone wants to go to kathmandu by bus
and they are charged forcefully for patan and bhaktapur.they could
and must give an option to the tourists.its right that we must
preserve the heritages but not by forcing the tourists but we should
give them an option.

Finally, will this price hike and unnecessary visiting expenses that
is made compulsory, give a positive message to those who visited and
will the tourist make further plans to visit? Why are we charging
forcefully to the places where they don’t want to go? Do we have the
right to charge for what they don’t need and where they don’t visit.
They praise Nepal for descent citizen who welcome with pleasing smiles
and the temples and historical monuments add a delight and are we
deceiving them by charging this amount. They come for short period in
search of peace and the history and view and what do they take along
with them a negative expect of us showing that Nepal knows how to
seize their budget and empty the pocket in quick manner.

So, with the humble request and in benefit of all those direct and
indirect households running from tourism sector, I’d like you to
raise voice helping to stop forcing the tourists
for things they dont want for the welfare of our country and the citizens.

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