Beware! Corporates set to attack your mobile with ads (but there’s good news too, you’ll be paid)

From its inception, advertisement is kind of force feeding for consumers. They try to encourage, persuade, or manipulate you to continue or take some new action. Commercial advertisement is means of earning for producer and media. Poor consumers ! They won’t get a penny for viewing/listening their ads. That was then. A unique concept of mobile advertisement is set to rock at least 18 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia, USA, Singapore and United Arab Emirates within a month. It will give you a cent for each ad you watch in your mobile.

This unique concept of Singapore based company Shiran Technologies was in testing phase in Nepal for few weeks and formally launched today.

So how can you make money by watching ad in your mobile.

It’s simple.

Download CashOnAd app in your andriod (2.2 and up) smartphone (iOS users ? Sorry!) from google play store.
• Register yourself.
• Now, when someone calls you, instead of ringtone, app will play a video ad in your mobile.
• You have to watch it for 7 second before picking up.
• Done ! you have earned a cent.

You have to sync the app at least one time in 24 hour. At that time, app will download video ads (average of 600 KB each ad)

So, are you ready to give access to your mobile for corporate world ?

Here’s the press release of company-

Press Release

Kathmandu. Advertisements will play on your mobile with incoming calls and that gives you money. Nepali company CashOnAd has introduced new mobile advertising platform for the first time in the world. More than 10,000 peoples have already enrolled into platform during the last one month.

The service will be started in 18 countries which include Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia, America, Singapore and United Arab Emirates within a month. Mobile users do not have pay for the service.
Mobile users can start the service after the following four easy steps.
1. Mobile with Android operating system is must for the service. Users can download ‘CashOnAd’ apps from Google Play Store.
2. After downloading apps, it should be registered. User can register after completing a easy registration process or users can login with their existing facebook account.
3. Advertisements will appear in mobile screen following the registration but user must watch the advertisement for at least six second to earn money. Each advertisement will add one cent in your account. The earnings will be checked into the users cashonad account.
4. The money earned through CashOnAd can be transferred to his/her eSewa account in Nepal. For users outside Nepal they can transfer the money to their Paypal account. The money can be used to top up mobile, pay electricity, telephone bills and buy movie tickets and pay for services provided by eSewa. Please visit

Chief Executive Officer Sajat Shrestha of Cashonad said, “Users should not pay for the service but reduce telephone bill by 50 per cent. The balance should be sync at least once in 24 hours,”

Only calls will be counted no data service is used in the service. While syncing balance, the apps automatically download advertisements and the apps will play the advertisement as mobiles ring. The CashOnAd delivers the advertisement to targeted audiences using the data provided by the users during registration.

5 September 2013

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