“Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” !

-By Krishne-
भोको पेट लिएर आदर्सका कुरा गर्दै नेपालमै बस्नु ठीक त पक्कै पनि होइन होला! मलाई लाग्छ नेपालमै बस्नु पर्छ भन्दै साहित्य र आदर्स छाट्नेहरुले पनि हरेक वर्ष DV भर्न चै छोडेका छैनन्

“Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” !

These two words messed my head when I read your comment on MySansar. So I decided to write a brief review here.

Well, according to Abraham Maslow humans want to satisfy their first (basic) need; Physical Need. They wish to have their other needs (specially SECURITY NEED) if only their Physical Needs are fulfilled. Physical needs can be food, air, water, (some include sex too) etc. “Bhoko Pet” directly refers to the lack of Physical Need…means people go to foreign country just for food. No, absolutely not !

why do you lie? Shame on you Mr. Sigdel ! Mother Nepal is highly enriched by the fertile land. We can bring the people from remote and higher region down to lower area for settlement and provide them some lands. We can maximize our lands by implementing hitech agricultural systems and feed well. Trust me ! we have enough lands.

These days people in villages are fully dependent on remittance. They don’t like to work in the fields anymore. They rather buy Indian rice than growing on their own. Most of the fields are left unused in villages. Those who are now in foreign countries were never died of hunger (except some thousands people from karnali region). I believe people from other regions go to gulf countries than from Karnali Region.

I have seen men earning Rs.30,000 or more per month by working as a plaster-master in construction sites kathmandu. We don’t have enough people to do these works. Nearly half of them are from India. But how much do you earn in Gulf-hell? hardly Rs.15,000 average? and you do the same work there. Reason why you didn’t select your mother-land for the same job is that You feel uncomfortable working here in front of your friends, family and neighbors.

It’s clearly seen that “Bhoko Pet” hasn’t forced you to go to foreign country. “Bhoko Rahar” is forcing people to die in foreign-hell.

Regarding the DV thing; they are also forced by their “Bhoko Rahar”. In order to fulfill our “Bhoko Rahar” we all have to stay in our own country and contribute from our side. We have to quit making gossip at Chautari, Bhatti and Taas Addaa of your house because that costs precious time. And please stop blaming political parties; politics is just a shitty game played by those who are directly getting benefits from that.

(From the comment of MySansar)

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