Developed Country and My Nepal

-By Diwas Adhikari-

Just few months ago I used to think how the developed countries looks like. Why it is called developed and why ours is a developing one. I always thought good transportation facility; better roads, no starvation and basically no energy crisis are the major reasons to be called as a developed country.

I see a lot of difference, as I am passing daily through the all-new things of developed country. For the first time I am able to compare my country with the developed one. First the entire smooth road was point of attraction. 24-hour electricity facility also became new for me and the equality among the people is the main difference.

I had been taught when I was very small little child that greenery is Nepal’s wealth. As I traveled a little Germany, I am able to know what is real greenery. Everywhere I visited weather its Berlin or Bremen, Duisburg or Dortmund, Hanover or Hamburg every place is equally developed, has equal facility, has bigger universities, fresh air, has greenery and has no pollution.

This all is not here few years ago. It was here for more than five decade and is still improving. Everywhere new technologies are used weather its medicine or management, engineering or economics, education or training.
Nepal is also a beautiful land. I believe that all the people who now represent our government and our parliament were here, or somewhere there, where they have seen similar facilities like here. I do not understand why they didn’t take the best part of it and tried to implement the same.

It’s never too late to start something good. Nepal can also do somehow the same for the most necessary things. Easy transportation facility is the easiest thing that can be managed very properly without any changes in anything. Just the thing needed is Bus station at every 500-meter, same bus rate for all passengers, timetable for bus and a good heart to obey all the rules and regulations that needs to be followed.

I was amazed at first when I saw a very clean road. I was able to go everywhere with my shoes. I later discovered that it is really a very easy way to maintain this. Just a waste collection box in every few hundred meters and collecting it once or twice a day is the reason for cleanliness. Plastic bottles are also one of the major problems that I see in Kathmandu. The simple way to manage it wisely is to take 5 rupees deposit for the bottle and opening a bottle collection centre in the city areas. It will not only reduce pollution but also reduces the energy consumption.

Disposal of waste and drainage in the river is the first thing that needs to be stop. A city is beautiful when the clean and flowing river surrounds it.

I have just pointed the easiest thing that the developed countries are doing for the better environment. I don’t know how hard it is for our country.

There are some geographical difficulties that cannot be changed. I know Nepal has its own circumstances and has its own problem. But a country can develop only with the daily betterment.

Adhikari is in Oldenburg, Germany. He can be reached at [email protected]

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    bibash April 3, 2014

    Dude you missed one important factor about developed country. It is education. If all the country people are educate then all the things that you mentioned above can be fixed easily. Education trains people to follow rules and regulations and increases morality. We need skill man power in our country. Then everything can be solved. Ok it will take many decades but development is a process. It absolutely takes time. And I am happy to see that the literacy rate in Nepal is increasing. – Just my opinion.

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