Kathmandu Enjoys ‘Concert on Wheels’

While observers see lack of mass on opposition parties democracy movement, ‘popocracy’ can still draws enough mass, especially youths.

Since Monday, Kathmandu youth are enjoying concert on wheels organized by Surya Nepal pvt. Ltd, to promote its cigarette brands. Concert on wheels begin with wheels. All the artist and band members, along with their equipment, are loaded in truck and same truck used as stage.

Kranti Ale and Mausami Gurung Singing their famous remix “Chyangba.” ©2006 partynepal

For five consecutive days, these types of concert on wheels are being organized at two different locations inside Kathmandu valley. On Tuesday, at Mangal Bazaar, some 7 thousand mass, especially youth gathered to enjoy free concert.

Rap artist Nirnaya Shrestha, Pop singer Kamal Man Singh, Kranti Ale and Mausami Gurung simply rocked the listeners there.Youths and even some old folks seems dancing to the tunes there.

Pop Artist Kamal Man Singh
©2006 partynepal

©2006 OhmyNews Published 2006-03-09 17:48 (KST)


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