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Umesh Shrestha is professional blogger and online journalist. His blog Mysansar is a popular Nepali blog founded in 2005. Mysansar played a very important role during the popular uprising against the king in Nepal. It continued to offer news from the streets even when major news media were under direct government censorship.

It is the most popular blog in Nepal and one of the top websites for Nepalese across the globe.

He is Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tribhuvan University.

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    Sarah Barker July 1, 2014

    Hi Umesh–

    A friend of mine, Richard Bull, forwarded me your blog posts and amazing photos of Sunakali and the Mugu girls’ soccer team. This truly illustrates how soccer can be called The Beautiful Game. It has become so much more than a game though for the girls and the people of Mugu district.

    I am a freelance writer in the U.S., and I often write for the website listed above, Fittish.Deadspin.com. It is a well-read sports website in the U.S. I sent the link to your posts to the editor and he would love to print the photos and videos of team Mugu. Can I have permission to reprint the still photos by Prakash KC and the videos on Fittish.Deadspin.com? I appreciate your considerate response.
    Sarah Barker

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