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Inept Government, Bankrupt Nepal Oil Corporation and Distorted Fuel Market in Nepal

- by Ram C Acharya- Again, we have seen the usual drama of the last few decades unfolding in Nepal: the government increases fuel prices, the students and political parties’ sister organizations protest, the prime minister meets with them and the increased prices are rolled back. By doing so both the government and the protestors [...]

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Good Bye, Narayan !

While his contemporaries are known to either grill interviewees or bore the audience by talking endlessly, BBC Media Action’s Sajha Sawal host Narayan Shrestha made a name for himself as the smiling, polite interviewer who got the most out of his guests. Having travelled to 65 districts in the country, he reached out to Nepalis who [...]

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Opera brings no-cost, sponsored data packages to the mobile internet with Sponsored Web Pass

Opera Software is announcing Sponsored Web Pass, a breakthrough in bringing easy-to-understand, zero-risk mobile internet packages to consumers around the world. Sponsored Web Pass enables operators to easily team up with advertisers to sponsor the cost of customers’ mobile internet access, providing users with free mobile data. 

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A Nepali introduction

-By Nishcal- On one of the many chilly evenings spent at watering holes in Europe, I had an interesting encounter with a foreigner. I was enjoying my drink when a gentleman asked if he could join me at my table. “Yes please,” I said. He looked 30 to me. For minutes, we didn’t exchange a [...]

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Developed Country and My Nepal

-By Diwas Adhikari- Just few months ago I used to think how the developed countries looks like. Why it is called developed and why ours is a developing one. I always thought good transportation facility; better roads, no starvation and basically no energy crisis are the major reasons to be called as a developed country.

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Inefficiency of Standard Chartered Bank Limited Nepal

By Bijaya Malla I am writing this Blog to show an evidence of inefficiency of Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Nepal. I believe Mysansar is a proper site to highlight this issue. I am living in Switzerland since 5 years and very much impressed by the quality and standard of Swiss Banking systems. The quality of [...]

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“Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” !

-By Krishne- भोको पेट लिएर आदर्सका कुरा गर्दै नेपालमै बस्नु ठीक त पक्कै पनि होइन होला! मलाई लाग्छ नेपालमै बस्नु पर्छ भन्दै साहित्य र आदर्स छाट्नेहरुले पनि हरेक वर्ष DV भर्न चै छोडेका छैनन् “Bhoko pet” and “Aadharsh” ! These two words messed my head when I read your comment on MySansar. So I decided [...]

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Beware! Corporates set to attack your mobile with ads (but there’s good news too, you’ll be paid)

From its inception, advertisement is kind of force feeding for consumers. They try to encourage, persuade, or manipulate you to continue or take some new action. Commercial advertisement is means of earning for producer and media. Poor consumers ! They won’t get a penny for viewing/listening their ads. That was then. A unique concept of [...]

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UCR feared missing Nepalese have used the institution as a “screen” to enter the country

The authorities of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) state that they now suspect the four Nepalese who went missing last weekend is that they have applied for a course cooperation agreement as a “front” in order to enter the country and then escape.

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Missing in election

By NARAYAN MANANDHAR There is a huge discrepancy between figures on voting age population (a) as disclosed by Population Census 2011 (15.4 million); (b) as reported to be registered with the Election Commission (12.4 million); and (c) the number of voters that have turned out in the last CA elections in 2008 (10.87 million). The [...]

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