Viral ‘Goru Khane Dharane’ Photo and Video Debunked: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Misinformation

In the age of social media, information travels at the speed of a click, and sometimes, it’s not always accurate. Recently, a photo and video spread like wildfire across platforms, depicting a woman gnawing on a large bone with the caption ‘Goru Khane Dharane.’ The image quickly caught the attention of netizens, garnering thousands of reactions, comments, and shares. However, upon closer examination, it’s evident that this viral sensation is drenched in misinformation.

Unmasking the Viral Content

The photograph in question was initially shared by Bhim Upadhyaya, a prominent figure with a substantial online following. Accompanied by the caption ‘Goru Khane Dharane,’ the image perpetuated the notion that it was taken in Dharan, Nepal. This context is crucial as Dharan had been previously embroiled in a debate over the consumption of bull meat.

Interestingly, further investigation unveiled a rather different narrative. Chitra Bahadur Gurung, executive editor of, unearthed the truth behind the image. The woman featured in the photo was identified as Purnamaya Gurung, residing not in Dharan, but in Bharatpur, Chitwan. The image was a screenshot from a video shot two years prior, during a traditional rice-feeding feast in Pipaltar, Tanahun – a considerable distance away from Dharan.

The TikTok Connection

Purnamaya Gurung herself added a layer of authenticity to the debunking. On her TikTok account (@purnima_tamu2), she had uploaded a video with the caption ‘Maita Gaon Bhojma 🤣🤣#foryourpage #tiktoknepalofficial #chitwan_muser,’ indicating her true identity and the actual context of the content. The video’s date, according to the Vikram Samvat calendar, was aligned with February 21, 2022. Here is the archived version of her tiktok video.

Testimonies That Defy the False Claims

The individuals present during the feast in Pipaltar, including Pushpa Gurung and Bishnumaya Gurung, corroborated the actual location and context of the video. Pushpa Gurung affirmed that she was the videographer and that the video was not filmed in Dharan, but at Pipaltar, Tanahun. Bishnumaya Gurung shed light on the tradition of buffalo meat eating for entertainment purposes and emphasized that this was not an act of protesting cow consumption.

The Power of Accurate Information

The viral ‘Goru Khane Dharane’ photo and video serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of fact-checking and responsible sharing on social media. Misinformation can spark controversy, outrage, and false narratives, often leading to misunderstandings and unnecessary divisions. This incident highlights the need to verify claims before disseminating them to the public, ensuring that the truth prevails over sensationalism.

It’s worth noting that fact-checking platforms like and blog swiftly intervened in this situation, presenting evidence-backed articles that unveiled the actual story behind the viral content. In a world interconnected by the click of a button, let us make an earnest effort to be purveyors of truth, promoting accurate information that fosters understanding and unity, rather than perpetuating baseless rumors that only sow discord.

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